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For families of children with disabilities, finding childcare that is responsive to the individual needs of their children is a top priority. 

Childcare providers work with many children with a variety of needs on a daily basis. The SCC R&R Program can help connect you to resources where you will be able to find a center-based childcare program or family childcare home that will be able to meet the needs of your child in an inclusive setting. If you need advice about finding care for your child with disabilities or special needs, require specific supports, or would like to talk through the process, the resource below can help.

Inclusion Support Warmline

The Inclusion Support Warm Line offers free support, information, and referrals for including children of all ages with disabilities and other needs in childcare settings. ​They can offer resources in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese (and other languages as needed). 

Find Programs that Support Children with Disabilities

Families can use the advanced filter on the Childcare Portal to find programs that have self-identified as having experience supporting children with disabilities.

The following list of providers have gone through extensive training through the Santa Clara County Office of Education's Inclusion Collaborative and received satisfactory ratings to support children with disabilities. 

The Santa Clara County Early Start Program

In addition, The Santa Clara County Early Start Program, a collaborative effort between San Andreas Regional Center and the Santa Clara County Office of Education, as well as a consortium of other community agencies serves children with many disabilities, including developmental delays, hearing impairments, vision impairments, motor impairments, autism, and multiple disabilities.

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  • Telephone: (408) 392-3801 or (800) 404-5900

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