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Santa Clara County

Children, Families, & Early Childhood Care

We work every day to build the foundations for amazing futures, both for children and for our community.

Santa Clara County Childcare Resource & Referral Program

Finding childcare can be a challenging process. We're here to help.

The Santa Clara County Resource & Referral (SCC R&R) Program’s philosophy is to provide every family and provider with what they need to be successful by implementing the Santa Clara County Office of Education's core values of equity, diversity, inclusion, and partnership.

The goals of the SCC R&R Program are:

  • Every family in Santa Clara County will have access to the information they require to access high-quality early care and education (ECE) that meets their specific needs.
  • The full variety of ECE providers in the county will have access to a R&R system that supports their programmatic and financial success.

What does the SCC R&R Program Offer?

Referral Database

The SCC R&R Program  maintains a childcare referral database, known as the Santa Clara County Childcare Portal, with information about the licensed childcare programs in the county. This information helps parents find licensed childcare that best meets their family’s needs.

Training & Information

The R&R Program also provides training, shares information about current childcare topics, and provides technical support to licensed providers while also helping anyone interested in becoming a licensed provider navigate through the state licensing process. 

Up-to-date Data

In addition, the R&R program helps local communities understand childcare issues and needs by providing up-to-date data about licensed childcare capacity and the number of childcare facilities available to help inform local plans and initiatives aimed at addressing local childcare needs.